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HG 2SC1969,2N3866 application feedback

The following feedback is published by customers who ordered HG 2N3866 and 2SC1969. The following photo and data come from an online forum without any modification. If you want to know more specific information, please refer to following link:

Learned from 6RDF's " learn to do PA",  I also bought the HG 2SC1969, 2N3866 to compare with 2N4427.

Because I have no P2, TH2000, I have only PANDA 1PRO. This afternoon I installed HG 2SC1969 in the PANDA 1PRO. In single class AB condition, the battery voltage is 10.8V, the power is bigger than the 2SC2078.


Frequency spectrum:

2 harmonic is a little higher in the condition of 20 meters, which almost reached 43dB. I tested in the single band but lower voltage condition. I estimated that it would be better in a push-pull condition when the voltage is 12V.


Toshiba 2SC2078: 2 harmonic spectrum is smaller, and the power is also smaller.


The output amplitude of Toshiba 2SC2078:

In the condition of 10.8V and 20 meters, the output amplitude is lower.


I have done destructive testing, HG product is very strong.

In the condition of 10 meters (29.6M), I use PANDA 1 PRO to test 2N3866. There is no difference between with HG 2N3866 and PHILIPS 2N4427.

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