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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Controls

The structure of semiconductors makes them extremely sensitive to static electricity. At HG SEMICONDUCTOR, we design our integrated circuits to be as resistant to static electricity as possible. We also take extensive measures to reduce static electricity throughout the manufacturing process.

Examples of Procedures to Control ESD


Wafer Process

Assembly Process

Test Process


Use antistatic flooring materials with a surface resistance of 1x105 to 1x1010Ω or antistatic mats

Bench tops

Use work surfaces with a surface resistance of 1x105 to 1x1010Ω


Use chairs with a resistance to ground of 1x105 to 1x108Ω

(When carrying products without static electricity protection)

Wafer charge voltage: Use of 
carts with charge voltage 
controlled to less than ±300V

Apply antistatic mats to shelves and ground to floor 
(resistance to ground of 1x105 to 1x1010Ω)

Storage shelves

Store wafers in box. Shelves 
are either grounded or have 
charge voltage of less than 

Use grounded shelves with a surface resistance of 1x105 to 1x1010Ω

Work clothes, 
dust proof clothes

Wear antistatic clothes with surface resistance of 1x105 to 1x1011Ω


Antistatic shoes that meet the following specification: Surface resistance of 1x105 to 1x1010Ω

Wrist strap


Straps that meet the following specification: Resistance to 
ground of 1x105 to 1x107Ω

Finger stalls


Use stalls that meet the following specification: Surface 
resistance of 1x105 to 1x1010Ω


Use gloves made from materials that are charge resistant. Surface resistance of 1x105 to 1x1011Ω


For electrically powered equipment, use grounded equipment

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