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Inspection and testing are vital parts of semiconductor production. Yet they cannot guarantee absolute quality and reliability. Control of environment and equipment in the manufacturing process is equally important.

Equipment Maintenance

The maintenance of the manufacturing equipment is another important aspect of maintaining product quality. At HG SEMICONDUCTOR, each piece of production equipment is regularly inspected according to stringent control standards.
Equipment maintenance group regularly calibrates all instruments used for measurements and inspections. Control ledgers record the results of the calibrations. Each piece of production equipment bears a label showing the deadline for the next calibration. 
Only experienced specialists calibrate the measuring instruments. The standard equipment used for the calibration is calibrated with a traceability system based on product quality standards.

Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Control of inspection and testing equipment Measurement and testing equipment are used for tests and inspections that verify that semiconductor devices meet the required specifications. From the time of introduction, equipment is controlled daily and also undergoes regular calibration.
  1. Daily inspection and regular calibration 
    The cycle for regular calibration is determined separately for each piece of equipment and ranges from every six months through to every 24 months. Equipment is calibrated with a traceability system based on international standards. 
    Daily inspection cycles are also determined separately for each piece of equipment.
  2. Measurement System Analysis 
    At HG SEMICONDUCTOR, we conduct measurement system analysis in order to analyze potential variations in measuring devices. 
    We also ensure that gage repeatability and reproducibility and measurement system analysis correspond to process capabilities.

Environmental Control

The manufacturing environment greatly affects the quality and reliability of semiconductors. To maintain consistent product quality, we strictly control temperature, humidity, dust levels and water purity at every phase of manufacturing. 
We impose rigorous standards on each item and regularly monitor every aspect of the environment. We also impose control standards for product storage.

Shipment Control (Moisture Absorption Control)

We use moisture-protective packing for our semiconductor devices according to moisture sensitivity level, because resins are highly subject to moisture damage during the mounting process of surface-mounted packages. Labeling provides information about the moisture sensitivity level of each product.

Control of Components, Materials and Suppliers

The quality of our products begins when we select the raw materials and components. Our raw material control follows the three steps below:
1.     The engineering group performs the basic examination of the products for their physical and chemical characteristics.
2.     QA groups perform reliability evaluation.
3.     Audit component manufacturers' factories and certify those having good quality. This is followed by regular auditing for maintaining and improving quality.

Design and Process Changes

We maintain controlled specifications that define the procedures for process changes and notifications to customers. The proposed process changes should follow the internal PCN specifications, and be reviewed by a committee formed of members from the quality assurance department, the department where the change originated and any other related departments. Changes are classified by the specific categories, and a major change should be reviewed and approved by the manager of QA division before the implementation of the change. 
We always customer notification in advance of changes affecting form, appearance, function, quality or reliability.


We maintain complete records for incoming material and components that cover all processes through to shipment to allow identification and traceability in the event of a quality related problem occurring on the market or during processing. 
An integrated database enables traceability from wafer process through to assembly, testing, and shipment. 
All products are marked with lot numbers at time of shipment, allowing their production history to be traced.

Document Management

HG SEMICONDUCTOR's standards govern all specification sheets. The group responsible for specifications prepares and revises each document. The Document Management Group is responsible for registering, distributing and maintaining specification sheets. This workflow and the responsible group, which has the overall control over documents, keep the spec sheets updated.

Quality Systems Certificate

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